Where Did June Go?

Jun 25, 2021 by Sue Andrews
So I returned home the end of May and I missed my beloved South so much I think I went into some kind of withdrawal. I'm so happy I wrote Jacksonville Judas when I did and after COVID was able to go back to visit and sell it. I talked about the first book I had written, To Live and Love Again, to some friends and then about Jacksonville Judas, which was a work of fiction. I got lazy after I came home or saddened, rather, about saying good-bye to my family and friends in the South plus sI had to say good-bye to some of my church friends. Those whom I will miss, too, since my husband and I have changed churches. I think that was part of my "funk"also, without realizing it.
So, I haven't been doing all the things that I needed to be doing over the past month to promote my current book. Ms Fauzia Burke said in her book, Online Marketing for Busy Authors, that I needed to start my platform before I have even wrote another one. Well, if that is the case, I need to backtrack. I have the first ten chapters in rough draft form of the sequel, so I am behind. I need to stop and finish reading her book, do the practice sheets along with it and get going on the platform first! I have no excuse now. My house (especially the office, where I do my writing) is in much better shape than when I returned.  It's not a mess, but a clean slate to start writing on the sequel to Jacksonville Judas, oops!, no the platform first and then the sequel. Not only do I want to write an even better book, and publish it without any mistakes this time, I want to attract a wider audience. I won't make the same mistake twice. I won't put it out there without going over it again, which I didn't do last time. No imaginary deadline like Christmas ever again! Plus, follow the tips of Ms. Burke.