Books by Sue Andrews

Jacksonville Judas
SKU: 9781977235183

Jacksonville Judas is Sue Andrews’ second book and first novel. It takes place in Jacksonville, Florida where Sue lived for almost twenty years. Sue wrote this book as a homage to her friends who still live in Jacksonville and decided to dedicate the book to them and her late good friend whom she met in grad school there.
Jacksonville Judas is the story of a man who dies in his office. Wade Nevlin, his best friend and an attorney, doesn’t believe the coroner’s report of a heart attack. Wade’s quest to find the true killer takes him throughout the South, New York City and back to Jacksonville where he feels the crime was committed. It’s a suspense thriller which will keep you turning the pages.
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To Live and Love Again
SKU: 9781514176177

To Live and Love Again is an inspirational memoir of a courageous woman’s journey as she survives murder attempts, and near-death experiences by an abusive husband. You’ll read how he put her life in danger on numerous occasions. However, you’ll have to read the book to find out the final coup de gras, which led to Sue’s first divorce. Her second husband was a philanderer who also caused her pain. When she meets her current husband, the love of her life, her health related obstacles continue to mount up.

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