May Came In Like a Lion

May 05, 2021 by Sue Andrews
When we came home last week from Arizona after experiencing one of the most beautiful memorial services I have ever attended, Ken wasn't feeling well. It started on the drive home, when he asked me to take over, which he never does. It was bad enough losing people we loved the week before. I was never so scared as I was for Ken because 1) he is never, ever sick, and 2) he started acting strange and listless which was so unlike him. 

Where Did April Go?

Apr 30, 2021 by Sue Andrews
There were some sad events that happend the end of April that I could not wrap my head around. The week after I wrote my last blog there were three deaths of people we knew who were dear to us.
       The first was a good friend named Myrna. She had been a friend for over thrty years. We knew her because her husband, Hank, had worked for the Youth Authority for the State of California with my husband. Myrna had had several strokes over the past couple of years, but what we didn't know is that she had developed Parkinson's Disease also. It was an aggressive case which took her away from us on April 14th.

Branding Some Marketing Clothing

Apr 14, 2021 by Sue Andrews
This week I've been busy with ordering some clothes for my coming trip to Jacksonville. I'll leave next month and hope to have my clothes on me to advertise while traveling. I cannot wait to finally visit my old hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.
First, I ordered a T-shirt which has the cover photo of my book on the back. Next, I paid for my plane tickets and arranged to stay at two of my friends plus my brother's house while I'm there. Today, I ordered a sweatshirt-style jacket which will have the title of my book embroidered on the back.
Now I cannot wait for the final products to arrive, so I can wear them before I have to leave and pack them for my trip.

Getting Started

Apr 07, 2021 by Sue Andrews
Hi Everyone!
 If you are reading this, then you have found my new website, called Pubsite, for my books and blogs on one of my social media outlets. I've always wanted to have a blog to showcase my short stories and poems that I've written over the years. Many of these have already been printed in the Inland Empire's California Writers Club online magazine entitled Fresh Ink. You'll find the latest issue looking under The other online magazine where you might occasionally find my stories is on the website entitled, This website is open to all members of the southern branches of the CA Writers Club, but you must be selected. Then you must allow your work to be printed without giving up your rights. Prose as well as poetry under many other genres are in this online magazine. You are welcome to check it out and see some of my best writing.