May Came In Like a Lion

May 05, 2021 by Sue Andrews
When we came home last week from Arizona after experiencing one of the most beautiful memorial services I have ever attended, Ken wasn't feeling well. It started on the drive home, when he asked me to take over, which he never does. It was bad enough losing people we loved the week before. I was never so scared as I was for Ken because 1) he is never, ever sick, and 2) he started acting strange and listless which was so unlike him. 
     Ken's robust health started to fail him. First he felt nausated, then he vomitted, then he started running a fever, and getting the chills. At first I thought it was food poisoning as the last food we had eaten was at a resturant before leaving Phoenix. The funny thing was, however, we had eaten the same thing. The night before at a different restaurant was a different story. Could it have been that? 
    Then the night sweats with extreme fatigue set in with the incapacity to void or control his urine. What is this I wondered? I was really afraid.
    We couldn't get an appointment until yesterday with the doctor, who after an exam advised us to go to the ER at our closest hospital. It was there that Ken got a complete check up with chest x-ray, COVID test (even though he had both of the vacines), a urinalysis, and bloodwork. He came back with a UTI and is getting better now that he is on antibiotics and a new medication called Flomax.  We hope he stays well for our trip next week. This is his third day without any temperature, so we are hoping for the best.